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Home inventory software screenshots
Inventory Management
 Create an unlimited number of inventory items
 Add an unlimited number of images to inventory items
 Add videos to inventory items
 Attach files to inventory items
 Share inventory item data with other users
 Organize inventory items into folders and sub-folders
 Inventory item search
 Advanced inventory item searches with "and" and  "or"
 Share searches with other users
 Flag inventory items as favorite
 E-mail inventory items from within the software
 Customizable inventory item displays (layout, fonts, colors, etc.)
 Inventory data spell checker
 Drag and drop inventory images
 Drag and drop images from web pages
 Scan images directly into the software
 Copy and paste inventory images
 Drag and drop inventory videos
 Drag and drop inventory attachments
 User-defined inventory data columns
 Scan inventory item barcodes
 Print inventory item barcodes
 Print inventory item price labels
 Autocomplete inventory item text
 Undo and redo inventory item changes
 Record purchase and sale data
 Record warranty data
 Record insurance data
 Record lease data
 Record appraisal details
 Record borrowing and lending
 Copy and paste inventory items
 Side-by-side comparison of inventory items
Location Management
 Create an unlimited number of locations
 Create an unlimited number of rooms
 Add an unlimited number of images to locations and rooms
 Add videos to locations and rooms
 Attach files to locations and rooms
 Share location data with other users
 Customizable location and room displays (fonts, colors, etc.)
 Location and room spell checker
 User-defined location and room data columns
 Record location address data
 Record location structure, exterior and utility data
 Location and room search
 Copy and paste locations and rooms
 Drag and drop inventory items onto rooms
 Side-by-side comparison of locations and rooms
 Inventory catalog
 Export inventory catalog to Microsoft Word
 Customize report display (fonts, colors, etc.)
 Inventory value report(s)
 Insurance policy report(s)
 Insurance claim report(s)
 Uninsured items report(s)
 Beneficiary report(s)
 Borrowing report(s)
 Lending report(s)
 Custom reports
Insurance Policies
 Create an unlimited number of insurance policies
 Record coverage amounts
 Record blanket coverage
 Record itemized coverage
 Attach files to insurance policies
Insurance Claims
 Create an unlimited number of insurance claims
 Record incident information
 Associate inventory items with claim
 Attach images to insurance claims
 Attach videos to insurance claims
 Attach files to insurance claims
 Create an unlimited number of beneficiaries
 Record beneficiary contact information
 Associate inventory items with beneficiaries (bequeathed items)
 Side-by-side comparison of beneficiaries
Borrowing and Lending
 Record which items are loaned and to whom
 Record which items are borrowed and from whom
 Password-secured database
 Backup and restore application database
 Verify backup file
 Compact application database
 Database of inventory and insurance web sites
 Built-in web browser
 Built-in RSS feed aggregator
 Search and replace
Help and Support
 Illustrated help file
 Searchable help with index
 Animated training tutorials
 User support forum
 Online support ticket system
 E-mail support